Standing with the Fridge door open


Source: Standing with the Fridge door open


You are not forgotten


When my spirit was overwhelmed within me,
Then thou knewest my path. Ps 142:3

Sometimes it seems that I focus on God, I know the direction I am going.

Then life happens.

I am get so caught up in the children, the house, the ministry, the bills, the future, the new baby, the alternate departure plans, …..

All of the sudden I look and find myself in a dust storm! I cannot see anything, and I forget which way I am supposed to be headed.

I know I am not the only one.

So many people find themselves caught up in the dust storm of daily life. They wonder what to do and where they are headed.

Child of God, peace be still. God is still in control, and He knows your path. You may have a million questions about the choices you face in life, BUT God is and will continue to be. He knows and has known. So take comfort! Even though, you may feel overwhelmed at times,

God has not forgotten you!

He knows your path.

To Grandmother’s house we go


Its that time again! Time to travel to grandma’s house, or in my case, Granny’s. It is an exciting time, but also a bittersweet time. Up to this point, Christmas has a purely childlike magic upon me. Now, my granny has Alzheimer’s, all my generation has grown, and no puts up the Christmas lights anymore. I guess it is time to pass the torch to the next generation. It is now my responsibility to make sure that my children have all the merriment and wonder I had as a kid, even if it means climbing a ladder to hang a few lights.


Crazy weather


Today , I am at my sis in laws house with a 3 year old, 2 2 year olds, and a 1 year old. All I can say is it’s raining… Ugh! Its days like this that I thank God for sunshine and Pinterest. I guess its time to start pulling out the homemade recipe for play dough. 😉

It can’t imagine what rainy season is going to be like In PNG

Gracious People


While traveling on the road, I find myself humbled more and more by the gracious people we meet. We recently visited Toledo Bend Baptist Church again. Well, only John has been there twice. Rewind about 16 months, John travels to Louisiana by himself to present the need in Papua New Guinea. I was exceeding pregnant with Moo 2. They graciously have supported us since then, but until now have never ever seen the rest of the family. Their demeanor and open arms were a breath of fresh air to my family. I feel as if we will always be in the debt of these sweet people.

God truly blesses us with extraordinary people!

Traveling to Texas


Today, we travel again. On Deputation, I feel that Saturday is our Monday. I almost certainly forget that the rest of our family is relaxing today. For us, today means traveling over 800 miles to Texas. Lest you feel sorry for us, know that we are blessed with amazing road warriors for children. It is worth it for the chance to tell churches about the need in Papua New Guinea. For more info: visit our website

Or to read about the rest of our team family visit the team website

Long time, no see


Well, friends it has been an incredibly long time since I have posted anything on here, but we did manage to travel 60,000 miles this year. So, I have been a little busy. Moo 2 ( our youngest son) turned one, Little man (the eldest) turned two. John got to go hunting, golfing, and fishing while visiting different churches on our deputation trail. I got to sit back and enjoy it all. Whew! Now, that I am done nutshelling the past 10 months, I will tell you my new year’s revolution really early. It is to try to keep up with the blogosphere, and keep you my friends in the loop.